How to live safe in an apartment

Nowadays, more and more people prefer to live in an apartment complex. Living in apartments in virginia beach va is ideal for the people who can’t afford house mortgages. This is the best rental situation. Usually, apartment complexes encompass clubhouses, game rooms, and large spaces where social events can be hosted. With all the facilities and advantages, apartment complexes have a looming threat of home invasions and burglaries. It has become a common event to hear about a vandalism report, rape, firebombing, and burglaries at gunpoint in apartment units. Due to this here are some major advice and steps you can take to make your living safer and secure in an apartment building.

Nine security tips to secure living:

1. always make sure that bolt on your doors are of good quality because cheap and chain locks can easily be disabled. If you are not satisfied with the lock installed, install a new one with the permission of your landlord and make to give a spare key to the apartment owner in case they need it in an emergency.

2. Always keep your door locked whether you are inside or outside the apartment. Never take your safety as a joke even when you go out to dispose of the trash or to get your mail. While you are out, some lurker could gain access to the apartment without your knowledge.

3. Make sure that your door has a peephole if not install a new one so you can see who wants to enter your apartment.

4. Avoid opening doors for any stranger. Make sure that you get proper verification and identification form the handyman, mailman or the super if they are new. First watch from the peephole and see their identity, if you don’t have one make them slip their IDs under the door so you can verify that the person is not an intruder.

5. If you are away from the apartment for longer time periods, set timers to TV, lights and radios so that the place looks occupied to an outsider. If you are away, much longer make arrangements so that a friend or a neighbor can keep a check on your apartment.

6. Keep a friendly aura about you and be accessible to other people living your complex so that if you need help you can get help easily. Arrange your laundry trips with a friend or a neighbor so that you are not alone if help is needed.

7. Always be conscious of your surroundings. Call the police if you notice something unusual. Then do inform the apartment manager too so that it is in his/her knowledge.

8. Keep a light on at night. Usually apartment complexes are well lit. If you notice that a light is out or needs maintenance don’t hesitate to inform the management. A well-lit area invites very less danger.

9. Usually, parking spaces are a lot crowded in an apartment complex so always try not to leave any valuable items in the car because this may attract an act of vandalism. Remember to lock the doors and windows of the car and if possible park in a well lit area.