Getting a safe and secure apartment

Safety is one of the prior concerns that arise during the course of choosing an apartment to live in. It’s not easy to measure the safety and security f an apartment until you have actually live there. What’s more difficult is when you are completely unfamiliar with the nature of neighborhoods and apartment buildings as you are new to the city. Here are some pretty useful tips to gauge whether the apartment you are willing to get is safe and secure or not.

Chose higher floors:

The first thing to do in this regard is to skip the first floor of the apartment building. You definitely don’t want to get an apartment at the first floor as it easy to break in and robbers/thieves can easily get away swiftly. Try getting an apartment on higher floors as it reduces the risks of someone breaking in. If you have a strong budget, it is recommended to get a high-rise apartment.

Observe the security measure of apartment buildings:

Usually people tend to find an apartment building safe and secure if it has a fence around it and a code lock entry system. It is highly advised that you should not fall for it instantly. Instead, just hang around a while longer and observe that if almost anyone can get in while tucking along a building resident. That is not safe.

Check for efficient lighting:

Make sure you’re the apartment building has good lighting system and there are very few or almost no dark spots. Specially, the parking lot, laundry room, stairways and walk-ups should have lights as well as generator backup system so that they never go dark.

Apartment’s entrance:

A safe apartment building does not necessarily mean that your apartment is also safe and secure. There are multiple other elements that you need to check in this regard to make sure that your apartment has appropriate safety measures. Make sure that the door to your apartment is a tough and thick one. Observe the quality of door locks and be sure that your door has a peephole. Plus, go for the apartment whose windows can only be opened from the inside. These measures cut down the risk of being broken into, to quite an extent.

Inquire around:

Do as much as you can on your own, but don’t just stay limited to the above mentioned tips. The most effective way to find out whether your apartment and apartment building are safe and secure is to talk to other tenants living in the building. They have had the experience and only they can explain the best. Take notes if the management seems to be supportive and responsible. Ask them if you get the services of regular check on your apartment and mail in case you have to be gone for a considerable time (probably out of the city).

Lastly, you should talk to the relevant security dept. of the local police to go through a statistical analysis of crime rate in your desired neighborhood. If everything checks out just fine, you should definitely go for it.