A Couple Things That You Should Do While Visiting Austin Texas

If you are going to be in Austin Texas for a vacation, there are many things that you can take advantage of that are going to be fun for not only adults, but also children. Austin is a city that lies very close to the Gulf of Mexico, north of San Antonio and Houston. If you would like to visit this place, and do some of the most exciting things that are available. Here are some tips on what you should do if you get to Austin in the next few months.

Texas State Capitol

Whenever you travel to a new city, you should consider visiting the capitol building. It is the office of the governor, and also where the chambers of legislation are conducted. It is a full building that was completed back in the 1800s, rising over 300 feet in height. It is a place you should visit not only because of its notoriety, but because it is a beautiful structure that you will definitely enjoy seeing. Once you are done there, possibly taking a tour of the facility, you can then head over to the Baylor Street Art Wall.

Baylor Street Art Wall

This is one of those locations which is very unique, one that captures many different types of artwork that graffiti artists have painted. Although graffiti in general is thought to be more of a crime, this particular area is constantly evolving, a place where people that do graffiti can show off their unique styles. You should definitely climb to the top in order to get the best view and you will be amazed that what you see. Even if you are not a fan of graffiti, will still be astounded by all of the beautiful artwork that thousands of artists have done over the course of the last several years.

These are just a couple of the places that you can visit while you are in Austin Texas. It’s going to be very easy for you to locate the many fun things that are available. You can go online to see the many different attractions that are also available, and then stop by to visit all of them. If you are spending a week or more, you will never be bored with all of the attractions that are currently open. Austin is a beautiful city, and you will definitely want to return again after you have seen these different destinations.